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We specialize in commercial HVAC and can perform installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Commercial HVAC in Charlotte, North CarolinaA commercial HVAC system is a critical component within any type of structure. It helps to maintain a more comfortable indoor atmosphere by keeping the temperature at a set level and removing excess humidity from the air. An HVAC system also helps to filter out contaminants from the air for those within the space, maintaining a healthier indoor atmosphere. When even one component within the system stops working as it should, you could end up with a number of issues. Too much moisture in the air is an issue because it can create a muggy, unpleasant environment, increase the risk of mold growth, and cause damage to electronics and other items stored within the space. An excessively hot or cold atmosphere can create issues as well, which is why it’s important to know who to call for commercial HVAC needs.

Here in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, commercial facility owners and property managers rely on the team at JLK Mechanical for their HVAC needs. We specialize in commercial HVAC and can perform installation, maintenance, and repair services. A commercial HVAC system is typically more complex than the system that heats and cools a residential property, so it’s important that the technicians working on your system understand the differences. In order to efficiently heat and cool a large commercial facility, the system may also use more components and unique parts, such as rooftop units or boilers.

Our commercial HVAC services extend to all types of equipment from nearly all manufacturers in the industry. We can handle work on small to large rooftop package units, split systems, furnaces, chillers, boilers, heat pumps, electrical heaters, VAV systems, control systems, and more.

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