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Save energy and money with our specialized products.

Energy saving controller

Reducing overhead expenses is always at the forefront of your mind as a facility manager. At JLK Mechanical Heating & Cooling, we not only want to help you keep your facility’s HVAC equipment in peak condition, but we can also complement your systems with specialized energy saving products.

Our selection of energy savings products extends to innovative energy-saving thermostats, lighting controls, and load control devices. These products help you conserve energy dollars and lower your building’s ongoing maintenance costs.

We are service professionals, not salesmen, so our purpose is to introduce you to quality energy savings products that will inspire noticeable benefits within your facility. During your first appointment, we ask you to tell us about your main concerns for energy consumption. Using our years of experience and specialized training, we will suggest which products will complement your initiatives and the structure of your building best.

As a quality-driven contractor, we know you depend on reliable, fast service, and we guarantee great results from the products we suggest and install for your facility. In conjunction with our superior service capabilities, our goal is to help you run an efficient, reliable facility that contributes to a successful operation.

A better choice for facility managers, choose us at JLK Mechanical Heating & Cooling for guidance saving your business money while ensuring optimal performance from your HVAC equipment. Get in touch with us today for additional information or to receive a quote on any of our energy saving products.