A Guide To Our Temporary Cooling Solutions

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At JLK Mechanical, we understand how important AC and cooling are to your business. For some, like medical facilities, having a working HVAC system is critical to their everyday operations. But what happens when the cool air suddenly stops flowing from your vents?

A Guide To Our Temporary Cooling Solutions

One thing you can do is get a hold of our temporary cooling services. These services will come to your rescue in such a situation as quickly as you need them to. They are also easy to install and will cover you adequately as we repair your HVAC system.

Depending on the problem at hand, we offer two types of temporary cooling solutions:

  • Spot cooling. If you’re experiencing a cooling issue in a particular part of your business, like a warehouse, you don’t have to install an entire cooling system. We understand this can be pretty expensive, so we’ll provide you with portable cooling equipment to deliver targeted cooling to that area. All you’ll need is a standard wall outlet for plugging it in.
  • Temporary air conditioning rental. This one’s for when you’re experiencing a total breakdown in your HVAC system or need a temporary cooling solution for an off-site project. It’s also portable, meaning it doesn’t need too much time to install. We’ll just plug it into your existing ventilation system, and it will cover all your cooling needs.

And if you’re wondering whether our temporary cooling solutions will be as efficient as your existing one, they absolutely will. Our units come in various sizes, from 1 to 40 tons. We’ll always bring in the perfect equipment for your business needs.