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We offer commercial AC rentals to ensure you have the cool air you need.

AC contractors who handle residential properties can often boast they’ll fix or replace your AC in a matter of hours, but that is rarely the case when it comes to commercial AC. The complexity and customization that go into most commercial systems make it impossible to replace a failed system the same day. It can take weeks sometimes depending on the situation, but you definitely couldn’t go that long without air conditioning.

Commercial AC Rentals in Maryland

At JLK Mechanical, we understand that dilemma, so we offer commercial AC rentals throughout Maryland to ensure you have the cool air you need while you wait for your new system to be designed, built, and installed. We work with you to provide the type of equipment needed for your situation, so even if you need spot cooling for just a portion of your building, we can help you out. This might be the case if you expand your building or put up a temporary storage unit. Depending on your industry, you could have a unique need for commercial AC rentals and we are happy to assist you.

In addition to commercial AC rentals, we also offer temporary heating solutions so you needn’t worry about products freezing or your employees and guests shivering. Comfort is important at any business, but there can be even other reasons to maintain a set temperature. We take your needs seriously and will respond quickly, making us your best option for commercial AC rentals. Contact us today with any questions that you might have.

At JLK Mechanical, we offer commercial AC rentals for customers in Charlotte, North Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; Baltimore, Maryland; and Charleston, South Carolina, as well as customers throughout Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina.