Spot Cooling, Charlotte, NC

Keep any space cool with the help of a spot cooling system.

Suffering through a warm day with no air conditioning or air conditioning that is inadequate is most unpleasant and sometimes dangerous. Here at JLK Mechanical, we want to help you keep your cool in any space at any time of year with the help of a spot cooling system. We have over 60 years of experience here at our HVAC company, and we utilize this experience to deliver quality solutions to keep you comfortable, such as spot cooling.

Spot Cooling in Charlotte, North Carolina

Spot cooling is a great way to get air conditioning to an area that is temporary or not otherwise able to cool a space. Perhaps you have a room that does not have adequate air flow, or you are working from a temporary or emergency facility. With spot cooling, we are able to deliver an option that is essentially a self-contained air conditioner. Without the need for vents or duct work, spot cooling units work to cool a space by removing the warm air and replacing it with cooler air via a fan or blower. This helps keep a single spot or room cool, even if it’s hot outside.

When you are looking for a way to keep certain areas cool, we can help with spot cooling. We are able to deliver spot cooling units to a variety of different places and set them up to give you the best results. Whether you have a commercial property, are working on a new build with no HVAC system working, are manning a temporary shelter or any other myriad of options, we can help. For more information about spot cooling a space in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, please contact us today.

At JLK Mechanical, we offer spot cooling services for customers in Charlotte, North Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; Baltimore, Maryland; and Charleston, South Carolina, as well as customers throughout Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina.