Why Regular Commercial HVAC Maintenance is Important

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There are several things to think about when it comes to the advantages of extending the life of a commercial HVAC system through regular maintenance. Let’s look at it from a mathematical angle. Most companies annualize the cost of equipment to determine what the capital expenditure means in terms of each year’s benefit. If you were to spread the cost of a commercial HVAC system over the 15 to 20 years it should last, it won’t seem nearly as costly as if you only received 8 to 10 years of performance because the system wasn’t well-maintained. It is far more affordable to cover regular maintenance than it is to pay for two units in the period of time you should have only needed to purchase one.

Why Regular Commercial HVAC Maintenance is Importantcommercial HVAC system was installed compared to the month before it was installed as the old one was likely far less efficient at the end of its lifespan. Another expense you are likely to face with neglecting maintenance is larger repair bills. Small issues can quickly become large ones if they aren’t caught and dealt with during a maintenance visit.

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