Why Commercial HVAC is More Demanding than Residential HVAC

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Aren’t all HVAC systems the same? The short answer is no. While you may have that large, noisy box with the whirring fan next to your residential home, a commercial HVAC system is much different in size, installation location, and the level of work required with the design and function. One major underlying reason for these differences is that a commercial HVAC system is expected to generate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for an entire building that is much larger than a typical residential home.

Why Commercial HVAC is More Demanding than Residential HVAC

Approximating how big your HVAC system needs to be can be determined by a method of taking the square footage of your commercial or residential space, and then multiplying that 25, dividing by 12,000, and finally subtracting 0.5. As you can imagine, the square footage of a commercial building would be much larger than a residential home, thus resulting in a larger commercial HVAC system. Because of the increase in size, most commercial HVAC systems are located on the roof of a commercial facility instead of next to the building, as residential homes usually do. This commercial HVAC placement saves space and provides easier access for technicians to perform maintenance.

Because a commercial HVAC system works to serve an entire facility, the functions and mechanisms need to be more accommodating than those of a residential HVAC system. Residential HVAC systems are typically found to be a standalone system, whereas commercial HVAC systems have varying parts and packages that make the system easier to be fixed, upgraded, or expanded, depending on the needs of the space. Commercial HVAC systems are required to heat and cool large spaces and can allow for adjustments to be made within different areas of a facility while still packaging it all together in a commercial HVAC unit.

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