When a Temporary Cooling Solution is Needed

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When a Temporary Cooling Solution is NeededIt is one thing to have a few hours or even a couple of days of discomfort if your home air conditioning stops working. It is quite different when it comes to a commercial, industrial, or institutional situation. Not only can the heat be dangerous in these situations, but it can also take longer to resolve because a complex commercial air conditioning system isn’t sitting on a shelf waiting to be installed. It can take weeks to fabricate, in some cases. You can’t go that long without air conditioning, so you need a temporary cooling solution.

A commercial HVAC company that understands the need for temporary cooling will have the solution you need. It may not be as energy-efficient or keep your building or facility quite as comfortable, but the risks of overheating will be significantly reduced. Temporary cooling can also be helpful if your current system hasn’t failed yet, but isn’t performing well enough. It can supplement the existing system while you are working on a permanent solution.

Comfort for staff, visitors, patients, and others is only one of the reasons why you might need a temporary cooling solution. Another might be to keep equipment, electronics, servers, and machinery from overheating. Protecting inventory of manufacturing materials and completed products is another situation in which temporary cooling is needed.

If you need a permanent or temporary cooling solution, call on us at JLK Mechanical, serving the Concord, North Carolina area. Our temporary cooling solutions are the insurance you need to feel comfortable that your business will never be without air conditioning for long. Call today to learn more.