What it is and How it Applies to You

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You might have seen or heard the term HVAC before but not really understood what it meant. Or, more importantly, if it even matters that you know. HVAC systems refer to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. And unless your business or home hasn’t been upgraded since the 1950s, you have an HVAC system.

What it is and How it Applies to You

The heating and air conditioning parts of your HVAC system are easy enough to understand. HVAC systems utilize methods of burning fuel or using air-cooling systems in order to maintain your desired indoor temperature. The ventilation system processes both outdoor and indoor air through fans and filters it, maintaining your desired temperature and ensuring the air quality stays at a good, uncontaminated level.

Commercial HVAC systems are used to control air flows, cooling, and warmth for spaces like businesses, warehouses, restaurants, and department stores. If you own or manage a building such as these, then a commercial HVAC system is more than necessary. Commercial HVAC systems are larger than those in residential spaces, which is why the bigger system is needed to maintain the larger space. That being said, because of the greater demand on the system in order to sustain places like warehouses or stores, your commercial HVAC systems may need more routine maintenance.

It’s important to know about your commercial HVAC and why it is necessary for your commercial space. Filters can get dirty, resulting in contaminated air flowing through your building. Parts can fail, forcing heating or air conditioning systems to work sporadically or completely shut down. In the end, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is important for a safe and comfortable functioning commercial building.