Tired of Sweating Through the Summer? Tips for Choosing a New Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is something that makes being indoors tolerable during the hot summer months. However, if your air conditioner just leaves you sweaty and uncomfortable during the summer, you need a new air conditioner! There are so many air conditioners to choose from that you need to choose carefully in order to get one that will work properly for your home or business. Here are a few tips for choosing a new air conditioner that will get you the best results.

choosing a new air conditioner that will get you the best results

First, decide what is more important to you regarding price: upfront cost or efficiency. If you choose a more efficient model air conditioner, you will pay more upfront, but will have lower costs over the lifetime of the unit. However, many air conditioners are much more efficient than older models, so you still might be saving money by upgrading to a basic new air conditioner.

Second, get expert advice on the sizing. Air conditioners need to be properly matched to the square footage of your home for the best results. Some people choose a smaller air conditioner thinking that it will save them money, but really this causes the air conditioner to work overtime and inefficiently. Others choose the largest air conditioner out there so that they’ll never have to worry about having enough cold air, but really, this is also unhelpful since the machine will shut off before removing enough humidity, making your home feel muggy and uncomfortable.

Finally, contact our team here at JLK Mechanical Heating & Cooling for help choosing and installing your new air conditioner. With over three decades of experience, you can’t go wrong!