Most Common Furnace Repair Issues

It is certainly not pleasant to realize you need furnace repair in the dead of winter. However, what can be equally problematic is not realizing you have a problem brewing or that is inflating your heating costs. Here are the top ten most common furnace repair issues that you should know about so you can call a professional before you have a costlier issue to content with.
Furnace Repair
1. Noisy Furnace – Have you noticed your furnace is noisier than it used to be? That is a symptom you’ll be needing furnace repair before long and could be a costlier repair if you wait.

2. Blower Runs Continuously – Even with the lowest temperatures of the season and a poorly insulated home, the blower should not run continuously.

3. Skipped Maintenance – Not taking care of annual servicing can cost you far more than the invoice for the maintenance. You are likely paying too much in heating costs, and you run the risk of shortening the life of your furnace and facing furnace repair issues you wouldn’t have needed to.

4. Not Comfortable in Your Home – A furnace can only operate at peak performance if its parts are working properly. It can be operational yet unable to provide you with the comfort you desire. If it is cycling frequently, the thermostat isn’t working properly, or you have dirty air filters, it will be unable to produce enough heat.

5. Aging Furnace – There comes a time when an aging furnace cannot provide the efficiency you need, and furnace repair costs will rise to the point that replacement is the best solution. It is often better to put a monthly budget to financing a new furnace than it is to keep giving it to the utility company and pay for furnace repair services.

If any of these common furnace repair issues has you troubled, don’t hesitate to contact us at JLK Mechanical Heating & Cooling. We are dedicated to helping you have a comfortable home and saving you money. Call today to learn more.