Late Summer Air Conditioning Tips for Homeowners

The end of summer is often the hottest time of the year and could also be quite humid. It isn’t the time you want your air conditioning to be underperforming, or worse, stop running entirely. If you heeded the advice of your HVAC maintenance professional, you had the system checked out a couple months ago, so you might think you don’t have to worry about it now. The reality is that summer can put more strain on it than you might think, and if you have an older system, it might get pushed over the edge. Here are a few tips to think about that can save you money and a few headaches.

give your air conditioning a bit of a break

Look closely at your utility bill. Most utility bills show more than just the amount you owe. It might also tell you how many days the bill is for, how much energy was used, and a comparison to the same period of time last year. If conditions have been relatively the same and your consumption is up with no other explanation, it could be a sign that your air conditioner is struggling. Just looking at the bill amount won’t tell you that, as rates change from year to year, so be sure to look at the consumption amount instead.

A second tip is to take steps that can give your air conditioning a bit of a break. Consider investing in energy-saving products, such as heavy curtains or blackout shades that can be drawn over windows during the day to keep the UV rays from heating up the house. There are also window films that can be added, and it is a good idea to have the insulation assessed to be sure it hasn’t become damaged, settled, or is otherwise less effective than it should be.

Finally, don’t let the cost for a new air conditioning unit keep you from retiring an inefficient one. An older unit could be costing you far more in higher utility bills and repairs. You might just find you’re saving enough on your utility bills each year to enjoy a nice vacation at the beach next summer!

If you would like to have your air conditioning assessed, now is a great time to do so by calling us at JLK Mechanical Heating & Cooling. We will provide our recommendation about how to make your home more energy efficient so you won’t dread the hottest days of summer in the years ahead. Call today to learn more.