Keep Your Commercial HVAC System in Great Shape This Year! [infographic]

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When you have a commercial HVAC system, it is important that you keep it up and running! Here at JLK Mechanical, we offer some wonderful options for your commercial HVAC system that will ensure smooth and efficient operation. Here are a few tips that you can use to keep your commercial system cooling when the temperatures are starting to climb:

  • Schedule your maintenance before the first heat wave. Maintenance is essential to any HVAC system, but especially to commercial HVAC systems. Larger systems require more parts, and more parts equate to a higher need for maintenance and checks.
  • Look at programmable and smart thermostats. Keeping cooling costs down is important to a budget. By choosing programmable or smart thermostats, the system will learn how to create a cost-effective cool.

Keep Your Commercial HVAC System in Great Shape This Year! [infographic]

  • Check around the property for leaks. Walk around your property regularly, particularly during the summer after the air conditioner has been working. Check to see if there are any leaks or condensation that forms in certain areas.
  • Avoid the “wait and see” approach to repairs. If you need a repair, don’t wait! Commercial HVAC systems never repair themselves, but they will often get worse without prompt, professional attention.
  • Make wise investments for your system. Choose cost-effective repairs and replacements. Sometimes, the investment in a new commercial HVAC system is going to be the most cost-effective option.
  • Always replace your air filters regularly. Commercial HVAC systems need to work hard to pump large amounts of air through a space! Regular changing of the filters ensures they don’t work harder than they need to.
  • Make sure the units aren’t blocked or obstructed. inspect your commercial HVAC units and make sure there are no signs of blockages. Blockages can be trees, shrubs, leaves, even refuse or stored items that need to be removed.
  • Work closely with a professional HVAC technician. Working with professional HVAC technicians like ours will help ensure your HVAC runs smoothly. Our experience working with commercial units ensures a great service every time!

If you have questions about our variety of services, we want to help. For an appointment with our experts, please give us a call today!