Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning [infographic]

At JLK Mechanical Heating & Cooling, we are passionate about air conditioning and providing the best and most innovative solutions for your HVAC needs. To have a bit of fun, we thought we would share with you a few interesting facts about what air conditioning has made possible that you can use as small talk at your next gathering or to show someone else how smart you are!

Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning

  • Technology Advancement- It is doubtful that much of the computer technology and manufacturing feats in existence today could have come about without the invention of air conditioning.
  • Architectural Development- Could you imagine towering glass office buildings if it weren’t for air conditioning? They would be like an oven!
  • Growth of Southern and Desert Cities- Places like Miami, Las Vegas, and many others would never have become the booming metropolises they are if the populace had to suffer through scorching heat and/or high humidity without air conditioning.
  • Increased Productivity- Back before air conditioning, many businesses had to shut down for the summer because of the heat. Hot summers meant being out of work, lower profits for businesses, and other issues.
  • Medical Advances- There are countless medications that have been developed that wouldn’t exist without air conditioning, not to mention illnesses that wouldn’t have been cured.
  • Summer Movies- You might have noticed that blockbuster movies often get released in the summer. That isn’t by accident. It started when movie theaters were among the first public buildings to get air conditioning and has continued to this day.