How Residential and Commercial Emergency HVAC Needs are Different

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If the HVAC system at your home fails, you may feel the pinch of inconvenience while you wait for a new system. It might even mean staying at a hotel or with someone you know for a couple of days. If it is the dead of winter, you might need to set up some portable heaters to keep your plumbing from freezing. That is pretty much the extent of it.

How Residential and Commercial Emergency HVAC Needs are Different

However, it is much more complex when you need emergency HVAC services at your business. You can’t just load everyone up and take them to a different location to continue working. It isn’t only your staff to consider. You have assets involved that might not do well in extreme heat or cold. Humidity could also be an issue. You especially don’t want mold to activate and colonize throughout your building.

Another problem is that the solution might not be as quick as you need it to be, despite an emergency HVAC team’s immediate response. If you need a new HVAC system, it could take quite a while for an order to be fulfilled. In a commercial building, an HVAC rental for temporary use is necessary. That isn’t usually the case with a residential emergency HVAC situation.

One thing is similar with residential and commercial emergency HVAC work– you need to have confidence that the contractor you use will do everything possible to resolve the problem as efficiently as possible. At JLK Mechanical, we offer commercial emergency HVAC services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our service vehicles arrive fully stocked, and our technicians have the necessary experience to diagnose the problem quickly. If you need temporary cooling or an HVAC rental while you wait for your new permanent unit to arrive, we have you covered. Call today to learn more.