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Posted by Concord HVAC Contractor July 21st, 2020

We can undertake all the important maintenance tasks your air conditioning needs to remain in top condition in Concord.

In North Carolina, a fully functional air conditioning system is a necessity rather than a luxury. If you depend on your air conditioning to keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, regular servicing and prompt repair is vital. At JLK Mechanical Heating & Cooling, we are a well-respected HVAC repair and servicing company that can undertake all the important maintenance tasks your air conditioning needs to remain in top condition.

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Local Air Conditioning Repair

If your air conditioning system experiences a breakdown in the Concord, North Carolina area, we’re here to help! We will service all HVAC unit makes and models, enabling us to perform skilled air conditioning repair that’s quick and effective. If you notice your unit isn’t performing like it should, the sooner you call us, the more quickly we can begin working on restoring it back to normal.


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Expert Recommendations & Replacement

Inefficient HVAC systems use more energy and, if left unchecked, may end up failing altogether. Why risk it? At JLK Mechanical Heating & Cooling, not only can we come out rapidly and sort out the problem, whatever it might be, but if your air conditioning system has stopped working, you can rely on us for the right solutions.

We believe in getting the job done wherever, however, no matter how big or small.

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How to Tell if Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

In the middle of the summer or during a heat wave, the last thing you want to deal with is an air conditioner that doesn’t work like it should, or worse, doesn’t work at all. This is why we want you to watch out for these signs that your air conditioning system is failing and call us at JLK Mechanical Heating & Cooling as soon as possible for help:

  • No cool air – If your air conditioning system turns on, but cool air doesn’t come out of your vents, your compressor may have failed. In some cases, lack of cool air could also mean the refrigerant level in your system is too low.
  • Weak air flow—If your air conditioning system produces cool air, but you can hardly feel it coming out of your vents, there might be trouble with your ductwork. We’ll come to your home right away and assess what’s going on.
  • Moisture or leakage—When you see moisture leaking from your AC system or liquid pooling around the base of your unit, you need to get your it fixed. There could be a problem with your drain tube, or you could have a refrigerant leak on your hands, both of which are issues that require professional attention.

If you notice any of these issues or feel like something isn’t quite right with your AC unit, don’t worry! Give us a call at any time for professional, prompt, and reliable air conditioning repair service.

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“This company did an amazing job replacing our AC unit! They were super fast & efficient. They will 100% get my business again in the future when needed!”

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Excellent Maintenance Plans

When we have multiple calls for air conditioning service, our maintenance plan members always get served first. This includes both emergency service and regular service calls, and we will perform regular maintenance checks at no additional charge as part of our service contract. As a maintenance plan member, we guarantee your satisfaction, or you won’t pay for service.

Why put up with sub-standard or non-operational air conditioning when our skilled, professional team can service, repair or replace it rapidly and properly? No matter what type of system or issue you might have, you can depend on us to resolve it for you. Call us at JLK Mechanical Heating & Cooling today!

At JLK Mechanical Heating & Cooling, we offer air conditioning services in Concord, Charlotte, Cornelius, Huntersville, Davidson, Mooresville, Kannapolis, Harrisburg, and Lake Norman, North Carolina.

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